Employment Services

Employment Services available to eligible individuals in Perry County, MO

The Perry County Board for the Developmentally Disabled is committed to supporting individuals of all ability levels in their chosen pursuit of competitive, integrated employment.  We believe every individual has unique talents and skills that contribute to the Perry County community and believe these talents and skills should be identified, developed and applied in ways that promote competitive employment.

Career Planning

Career planning assists individuals in locating their talents and interests as well as their marketable skills. Barriers to competitive employment are identified and addressed using a comprehensive planning period that involves not only the individual but his/her support systems (friends, family, caregivers, providers). Career Planning can include activities such as job shadowing, community based assessments, locating transportation services, identifying wants and needs related to work schedules and/or benefits planning. Accommodations, assistive technology or other employment related needs may be identified during this time. The information gained through the Career Planning process drives any future employment related services/supports.


Pre-Vocational Skills

PreVocational Skills training is a period of time that allows an individual the opportunity to gain or sharpen skills needed to successfully navigate an integrated work environment. These needed skills, often referred to as “soft skills”, may involve training in employment related communication, problem solving, workplace safety, personal hygiene or conflict resolution skills. Additional training may include how to properly seek assistance, sexual harassment training, or other needed skills individuals need to apply in order to be successful in a community based, competitive job.

Job Development

Job Development is a service used to support an individual through resume development, applying for posted jobs in their area of interest and ability, speaking with employers, using networking skills and working on the job search portion of locating competitive employment. If applicable, task analysis of essential functions of the job can be undertaken to ensure the best possible job match for both the business and the individual applying. Job development is a time of information gathering for an employer as well. Professional dialogue with trained employment specialists about the skills and abilities of the individual and the support that can be offered allows a well-structured, comprehensive onboarding process.


Supported Employment

Supported Employment, also known as “job coaching”, provides support to both the individual and the hiring company, if applicable. Job Coaches are trained professionals with the purpose of supporting the new employee in training for, learning and developing the skills needed for successful employment. Additionally, the Job Coach works with the company in a collaborative manner to address any performance, or other concerns that arise. Supported Employment will be different for each individual based on the individual being served. Supported Employment poses not costs or liability to the hiring company. It can be temporary, short term or long term based on the collaborative communication and judgment between the company, the individual and the Job Coach.


“Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone.”

Martina Navratilova

Employment Service Providers

Life Enrichment Center

113 E. Ste. Marie St.

Perryville, MO 63775

(573) 605-1391

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Trendline Consulting, LLC

1404 Corporation Lane Suite 40

Perryville, MO 63775

(573) 605-1600

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Blue Sky Community Services

2245 Old Toll Road

Jackson, MO 63755

(573) 204-9097

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United Enterprises, Inc.

618 Industrial Drive

Perryville, MO  63775

(573) 547-1047

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Grace Reliant

2845 Independance Street

Cape Girardeau, MO  63703

(573) 803-5002

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