CDR - Perry County

County Disability Resources

Perry County Location

Individuals Served

Over 150 individuals currently served in Perry County.

Intake Application Assistance

We can assist you in filling out the required Intake Application that will determine eligibility.

Privacy Maintained

Confidentiality is important to us. We protect your information and will only share it with those you have given us permission to.

Service Providers

Perry County has a wide range of service providers we work closely with. We stay involved to assist that the services match an individual’s needs.

Employment Opportunities

Perry County provides an Employment Specialist who can assist individuals in finding training services, education, and job preparation for competitive employment.


CDR will stand with you when you need us. We can guide you through the process to assure you receive services you may be entitled to.

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1404 Corporation Lane Perryville, MO 63775

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